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Since 2020, the AltLife Creative team has been focused on business-to-business content marketing.


We are a Bentonville-based creative content marketing firm started in 2020.

When this business first began, we were solely interested in digital marketing. We considered photography and videography a hobby. Along the way, however, we realized that one of the biggest hurdles in effectively marketing online is our clients not having the content they need for organic growth or ad campaigns. Now, content marketing and content creation is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Story

It has been our dream for years to live the "altlife."

Altlife is just short for alternative lifestyle. Our version of the altlife is traveling for longer amounts of time than most people and being able to take our work with us when we go. In 2020, we planned to take off on a trip around the globe and build our business as we went. We studied, took courses, and dreamed about what the altlife would look like. As you know, 2020 ended up not being the year to chase such aspirations, so here we are in Bentonville building up our business instead. This business was born out of a desire to chase the altlife, and we believe we can help you create yours, too.

Our People

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Michael Houser

Co-owner, videographer, photographer, content marketer​

Moriah Houser

Co-owner, photographer, designer, marketer​

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